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While it may not be the biggest room in the house, the bathroom is a quintessential sign of the modern times that we live in.  Long gone are the days of commodes and chamber pots, but instead, today our choices for “taking care of ablutions” is unlimited.

Situated in Brackenfell, Echo Kitchens is a leading interior design company in Cape Town that also specialize in bathroom designs.  Our team of professionals should be your first call when you decide to give your bathroom an upgrade, which can start with new bathroom cupboards.  We will source the best quality materials to custom make your new bathroom vanities or shelving while also ensuring that whether you wish to have them fitted or freestanding, that your bathroom is professionally finished.

No matter what your design style is, Echo Kitchens will assist you with making the best choices from your tile ware, sani-ware or correct paint, and ensure that your personalised choices are suitable for your bathroom.  Our expert team of professionals will liaise with your service providers and we guarantee that our bathroom vanities will be of the highest standards.

Bathroom Vanities Cape Town | Bathroom Renovations Cape Town

Customizing your bathroom cabinets and bathroom renovations Cape Town has the added bonus of changing your bathroom decor into a cohesively designed room, as we can custom make them to your needs, ensuring that the layout and available space is used optimally.

Not only is Echo Kitchens your leading service provider for bathroom designs Cape Town, but we can also custom make any bathroom accessories, such as customized mirrors, that you would like to see incorporated into your bathroom.  All our products are made from the highest quality materials and our designs are modern, fresh and customized to your unique design concepts.

Should you decide to start your bathroom overhaul on a smaller scale, not only is a high quality bathroom vanity a simple and easy way to start, but our accessories range also includes smaller items such as tile racks, which will instantly give your bathroom a new and fresh look.  Our highly qualified team of experts can assist you with all your design changes, whether big or small.

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